Photographers are often known for their style of work and it is usually the uniqueness of their style that speaks of their work the most. For me a photography style is a blend of the artist’s skills experience and personal perception of beauty and aesthetics. Those three elements are what make my work stand out.

I see my style as a combination of photo journalism and posed photography. This means that with my photo journalistic approach and skills I capture candid and sincere moments as people at events often don’t even realise they are on focus at events. I like to mix things up with posed shots but always aim for the authentic emotion.

Headshots are my special power and my shots allow people see themselves from a different and often unexpected perspective. Even at a lively event my headshots  have a bold studio feeling.



Prints & digital copies:
Every customer will receive selection of prints + all good photos in digital format. The digital copies are the perfect way to share your best shots with your friends and family.

Black and white photography:
If you are into black and white photography like me, I can provide you with a selection of beautiful monochrome pictures. Black and white photography is not about converting photos from colour to no colour. Many things must be considered during the photo shoot – contrasts, forms, shadows, composition. That’s why I need to know about your love to black and white photography prior the photo session.

Film photography:
If you appreciate analog film photography and want your special event or photo shoot to have that old-school feel, I will be happy to do this for you. You can choose between analog photography or a combination between digital and analog. Sample film photography gallery

Workshops and trainings:
You can find more information about my current photography workshops for groups here (link), but if you need a face to face training session with a professional photographer, I am happy to help. I have 10+ years of training experience, I love talking about photography and I am really enthusiastic to see people improve their photography skills even after our first session.



To avoid giving a bad estimated “sample” price, I encourage clients to give me a call or write an e-mail with a few details so that I can offer as per your specific needs.